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March already!

A lot of my plans have changed since the last post.  I’m not going to Israel anymore.  I felt too rushed trying to cover everything that I need to take care of for the rest of the quarter, for the … Continue reading

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Eep, it’s been a while..

Where to start?  A lot’s happened since the last post.  I’m still taking 2 classes and working on my Mercury project.  I haven’t gotten past the bug in the code I’m working with, although I feel like I’m getting closer … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving travel

Today’s my last day before taking off for a week to visit families (Jon’s and mine both).  I’m trying to get some things cleaned up so I can work on my poster while I’m away.  Everything is going all right, … Continue reading

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I’m back!

We just got back from France last night, and now I need a short vacation to recover from vacation =).  We really outdid ourselves as far as trying to see as much as possible goes, but it was worth it.  … Continue reading

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I passed! And I’m going to France…tomorrow

My exam Monday morning apparently went very well (although it didn’t really seem like it at the time), and I passed!  I’m officially a PhD candidate.  With that whirlwind and preparing for my trip, I’ve been a little all over … Continue reading

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With my exam now in just 18 short hours or so, it’s starting to feel really surreal.  Everything I’ve done this whole year has been, at least ostensibly, in preparation for this test, and it felt like it would never … Continue reading

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We’re going to France!

In the middle of all this work and studying, Jon and I have been trying to plan a big trip for after my exam, and last night we bought plane tickets for France!  I’m so excited!  I wish I had … Continue reading

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Back from a whirlwind

After a nightmare trip back from Boston last night, I finally got home at 2am after 6 days away on a semi-vacation.  The first half of it was a true vacation, spending 2 full days in St. Thomas with Shannon … Continue reading

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Busy July, looks like

With that holiday weekend over, it looks like the rest of July may not be any less busy…hmm.  Jon’s going to Boston at some point for a few days, and around that we’re trying to plan a trip to see … Continue reading

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Chilling out at home

I got home Sunday morning after a red-eye flight and stayed up all day to try and get used to the time zone change (which didn’t really work).  It’s been nice to be home and talk to my parents and … Continue reading

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