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Being a tourist

I picked up my sister and her boyfriend from the airport yesterday, and we went to see the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  It was fun, although I kinda thought the aquarium would be bigger.  I’m doing all … Continue reading

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Last Day of Spring Break

Happy Friday =) My sister and her boyfriend are visiting this weekend, so I get to do lots of touristy things that I haven’t really done yet.  I do, however, have to bite the bullet and be ok with driving … Continue reading

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Back from Boston

My flight got in to Long Beach yesterday around noon, and I was pretty exhausted.  I feel better after getting a full night’s sleep, but still kind of unmotivated to be productive.  Spring break for grad students (as far as … Continue reading

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Done! (again)

At least with the second quarter.  The third one starts in a week and a half…rar…so short!  The last few days have been really really hectic, but I’ve discovered that Jupiter’s core is probably solid, but we won’t see it … Continue reading

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Final Projects

I have two, and they’re my life right now.  One is about whether or not Jupiter’s core (if it exists) might be partly solid or not, and the other is about how craters in ice behave over time.  I have … Continue reading

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In spite of everything…

…Fridays still feel good. For some reason I feel better today.  I am a little closer to being done with stuff for this quarter, but not much more than I was yesterday, so I’m not sure why I feel better.  … Continue reading

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Prospective student weekend

Ahh the new admitted grad students arrive today and tomorrow – so weird! It doesn’t feel like a whole year since I was doing that…not at all.  Too bad they put it right at the end of the term like … Continue reading

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In need of a little super…

It seems that the closer the quarter comes to being over, the more things keep popping up that have to be done before then. The most immediate things are the two class projects I have to finish within the next … Continue reading

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