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We’re going to France!

In the middle of all this work and studying, Jon and I have been trying to plan a big trip for after my exam, and last night we bought plane tickets for France!  I’m so excited!  I wish I had … Continue reading

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Production Mode

I’m getting to the point now that I have specific figures in mind that I want to make for my presentations and talk about, and I guess it’s nice to have specific goals.  My exam date has been set for … Continue reading

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My 1-year anniversary in Pasadena

Yup, one year ago today I arrived here with my parents and a lot of luggage.  It still doesn’t really feel like that long, and I think I miss the east coast more than I realize. In other news, my … Continue reading

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Yes, MS Word, what I was really trying to say was “Diagonal zing”

Why is the spell checker that comes with MS Word so retarded?  Is there a science vocabulary pack I can download or something?  I’m really tired of those squiggly red lines under perfectly legitimate words…and most of them aren’t even … Continue reading

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