We’re going to France!

In the middle of all this work and studying, Jon and I have been trying to plan a big trip for after my exam, and last night we bought plane tickets for France!  I’m so excited!  I wish I had more time (or any time), though, to read about where we’re going and brush up on my rusty French, etc.  It’ll be great, though =)  Expensive, but we’re trying to keep that down, and it will be the best chance I’ll have for a long vacation in a while I think.  We both have reward flights from Jet Blue to cash in on, so we’re using those to get to and from NY (where we’ll visit my parents on the way back), and we bought a round trip ticket to Paris from JFK.  We’re still planning the rest of it, but soon at least we’ll know which cities we’re staying in.  We’ll probably spend about 3 days in a few different regions.  Yay!

(My projects are going ok, but I’m working all the time and stressed.  I think it will turn out all right, but with my pre-orals just a week away, I’m getting really nervous.)

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