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St. Thomas Pictures!

The first day we took the ferry over to St. John to go to the beach.  It was gorgeous – almost like it wasn’t real. We went to Cinnamon Bay, which is the beach attached to the National Park campground … Continue reading

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Back from a whirlwind

After a nightmare trip back from Boston last night, I finally got home at 2am after 6 days away on a semi-vacation.  The first half of it was a true vacation, spending 2 full days in St. Thomas with Shannon … Continue reading

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I’ve finally started thinking about new tile projects recently, and I’m excited!  It’s so nice to care about something that’s subjective but still requires a lot of patience and thought.  I ordered more tiles from the interwebs and found out … Continue reading

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Busy July, looks like

With that holiday weekend over, it looks like the rest of July may not be any less busy…hmm.  Jon’s going to Boston at some point for a few days, and around that we’re trying to plan a trip to see … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

Did you know that the month of July was named after Julius Caesar in the aftermath of his assassination?  It replaced the month of Quintilus, so named because it was the 5th month of the year then. No parties for … Continue reading

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You bet your Aspercreme!

I think I pulled both of my quads at the game yesterday =(.  I sat out the rest of it after the first inning, and I’ve been icing them all night and morning off and on.  I hope it doesn’t … Continue reading

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