Busy July, looks like

With that holiday weekend over, it looks like the rest of July may not be any less busy…hmm.  Jon’s going to Boston at some point for a few days, and around that we’re trying to plan a trip to see Antony & Cleopatra done by a southern California outdoor Shakespeare festival (Shakespeare by the Sea).  Jon’s parents and brother’s family are on vacation in Newport Beach this week, so they’re going to come over for a day tomorrow or Wednesday to see everything in lovely Pasadena.  On top of all that, I just agreed to go on vacation for a weekend with Shannon at the end of the month, so I’m trying to justify that by working harder now…

And, of course, I’m not keen on giving up the things I like to do that aren’t work, so there are plenty of hobbies on my plate as well.  I want to get back into the mosaic-ing a little, since I have stuff for it.  I’m also reading a new book (finished the biography of Cicero – very good!), called “The Middle Sea.”  It’s a history of the Mediterranean and all the peoples around it – also really good, although it sure goes through things fast.  It’s been a good run for non-fiction for me lately.  Kind of unusual.  Then there’s softball, too.  I’m still recovering from pulling my muscles last week, so I’m taking it easy this time around, but it’s still fun.  Sigh, too much to do, and too much of it is distracting!  Ok, back to work.

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I think planets are cool! I'm a new graduate student in Planetary Science at Caltech, and at the moment I'm interested in planetary geophysics of terrestrial planets and moons. I'm originally from Cortlandt Manor, NY, and I did my undergrad at MIT, where I got heavily involved in student theater - a hobby I hope to continue through grad school, time permitting... I also like to read sci-fi/fantasy novels, obsess about English history, and play frisbee.
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