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Words again

Apparently ‘upliftment’ is a word – sorry. I’m still not entirely convinced, though. The OED lists about 6 references to it throughout the 20th century, each in a magazine: 1926 Brit. Weekly 15 Apr. 46/3 Native women of the educated … Continue reading

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Office politics

With the last day of class this year approaching, changes for next year are already being planned.  One of them involves me moving out of my office into the office next door, which I’m not happy about, since I’ve already … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones!

I got to go see the new Indiana Jones movie for $3 last night, since it was subsidized by Caltech.  We watched Raiders of the Lost Ark right beforehand, which was a good idea, because there were so many callbacks … Continue reading

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Made-up words

Tonight I heard three different made-up words used on TV as if they were real words: “efforting” as a verb, “protectify” being cute in a commercial (I guess), and “upliftment” (I don’t remember the context).  What’s going on?  Also, I … Continue reading

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> 10 months in Pasadena

Wow, it’s been ten months and more since I got here.  I can’t believe that – it went by so quickly!  I’m not sure why that is exactly…some combination of all the work, the short quarters, and the fact that … Continue reading

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Happy is what happens

when all your dreams come true…right?  I think lately I’ve been making myself more unhappy than I actually am, and I need to stop.  There’s kind of a collective culture of stress among first years at the moment, and it’s … Continue reading

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That has to be one of the worst acronyms I’ve ever heard of.  It stands for “Planetary Interactive GIS-on-the-Web Analyzable Database.”  Just throwing it out there.

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I usually don’t watch that much TV, but lately it’s been on while I’ve attempted to do my homework at night (my new goal is to not do homework while I’m in my office as much as possible).  A few … Continue reading

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Planning is hard.

How much vacation is ok to take over the summer before my oral exams?  I’m taking 9 full days to go home and visit my family right after the term ends, and there’s a possibility of another trip sometime during … Continue reading

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I have a passport!

Finally, I got my act together and applied for a passport.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, but I do want to plan a trip somewhere after my orals are over for a couple of … Continue reading

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