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So much for being a real person…

It’s official – I’m just a robot that does homework.  I’m so glad the week is over, although I wouldn’t mind more time between now and finals.  I really need to study all weekend.  There wasn’t any time this week … Continue reading

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Learn Faster!

Wow, they’re really laying it on thick these last two weeks. I’m just trying to keep up, and find time to study for finals…and finish the problem sets and projects…and think about Mercury. Eep. Otherwise, I’m really boring right now … Continue reading

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Vacation over =(

It was too short.  Back to work for two weeks.  Infortunata sum.

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Mosaic Project

Yay! Finally…not exactly in time for Halloween, but oh well. I think it came out well =) I decided to carry it on after all, and I think that was the right thing to do. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’m done! At least with all the pre-Thanksgiving stuff. I’ll have plenty to worry about when I get back and a little to worry about while I’m gone. Things are going all right. My second project idea (Jupiter atmosphere stuff) … Continue reading

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Silly Excel + Lazy Weekend

Yesterday I started the third (unfairly assigned) problem set for Ge 101 (right after turning in the second one), which is due on Wednesday.  The third question is about the measurements made of the Vostok ice core that led to … Continue reading

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Book problem solved!

I found the library =) That’ll last me a while.

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A Mad World, My Masters

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week – aahhh!  Soon it will be the end of the quarter and finals and that conference in SF and then Christmas!  Time goes so fast…although on the other hand, I also can’t believe … Continue reading

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Caltech doesn’t appreciate the veterans…

I want a holiday – why doesn’t Caltech recognize any except for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I can understand Columbus Day…he wasn’t really that cool…but come on, my trash isn’t being picked up tomorrow, so why do I have class? Also, … Continue reading

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It’s Cold!

Well, sort of.  Colder than I expected it would be =).  I should have brought more sweaters. Life is ok.  This week was a whirlwind, but turned out to be much better than I first predicted on Monday.  This coming … Continue reading

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