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Yes, classes are over again, and I have so much more time!  I’m hoping to get a lot of work done during the next couple of months.  Hopefully I can keep up the routine and make real progress, even though … Continue reading

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Oops, I completely forgot about this for a month and a half…

I’ve been busy…still.  Life of Galileo happened and is over.  Post-prod is next Wednesday, and then I’m officially done with it.  Crazy.  It went all right in the end, but it was definitely the hardest show I’ve ever been a … Continue reading

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Why do all my posts start with “(insert month here) Already!”

Clearly I’m doing too much, because time is passing way too quickly.  We got a bunch of wedding stuff out of the way when I went home a couple of weeks ago – we have a date and a place … Continue reading

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March already!

A lot of my plans have changed since the last post.  I’m not going to Israel anymore.  I felt too rushed trying to cover everything that I need to take care of for the rest of the quarter, for the … Continue reading

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Eep, it’s been a while..

Where to start?  A lot’s happened since the last post.  I’m still taking 2 classes and working on my Mercury project.  I haven’t gotten past the bug in the code I’m working with, although I feel like I’m getting closer … Continue reading

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It’s a New Year

A new busy year.  I’m taking 1.5 classes this quarter (one’s a seminar-style class), and I’ve also gotten myself into a bunch of extra-curricular stuff.  I’m auditing an intermediate French class now, which is actually helping me improve already I … Continue reading

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AGU preparations

Well, it’s time for the big annual American Geophysical Union conference again, and I’m just glad this time it doesn’t overlap with my finals week.  I have a poster to present this year on my Mercury project, and it’s supposed … Continue reading

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Play’s over

The last performance was yesterday afternoon, and then strike took all night.  A set consisting of 6 steel desks and about 2 dozen file cabinets takes a long time to clean up, it turns out.  The play ended up being … Continue reading

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Research, Politics, Halloween, and Theater

I’ve kind of forgotten to write things here, so I have a lot to catch up on.  I’ve been having a hard time getting back into a steady work schedule, but I’m finally starting to feel better about it.  There’s … Continue reading

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I’ve finally started thinking about new tile projects recently, and I’m excited!  It’s so nice to care about something that’s subjective but still requires a lot of patience and thought.  I ordered more tiles from the interwebs and found out … Continue reading

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