Yes, classes are over again, and I have so much more time!  I’m hoping to get a lot of work done during the next couple of months.  Hopefully I can keep up the routine and make real progress, even though my adviser is away again – maybe for a whole month?!  Oh well.  I’ll be away for part of that time too anyway.  I’m going home for a week next week to do more wedding planning, and Jon and I are meeting with a rabbi who might co-officiate the ceremony.  Then to New Hampshire for the 4th and Cambridge for a couple of days (working), before back to sunny and probably too-hot Pasadena.

The softball season started this week with our first game – we lost, but only by 3!  There are a ton of people on our team this year, which is kind of unfortunate because it means not playing as much for each person.  There are three other captains, but they were all out of town this week, so I had to organize it, and I felt bad that people couldn’t play more…oh well.  Next week the others should be back and I’ll let them worry about it =)  I’ve had enough of organizing for some time…

A couple of us are thinking about putting together a summer show, also.  The TACIT theater director, Brian Brophy, got a three-year contract to stay on, but there’s nothing scheduled for the summer at all.  I’m going to try to get some folks together to write up rules/mission statements/etc for a real student group over the summer and hopefully it can actually take root in the fall.  We’ll see!  A lot will depend on Brian and how willing he is to delegate and share in decision-making.  He needs the help, though, so I think that’s pretty convincing.

There’s all kinds of wedding stuff I could go into, but maybe I’ll wait until another post for that.  The spacecraft LRO is supposed to launch today around 5pm (eastern) – I might work on data coming back from it, so that’s pretty exciting.  Hurried plans to go see the launch fell through last week, so I’ll watch it from work on Nasa TV.  Yay, science.  Another mission is launching with it – LCROSS – it’s going to slam something into one of the poles and analyze the fallout to look for ice.  Sounds cool =)

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I think planets are cool! I'm a new graduate student in Planetary Science at Caltech, and at the moment I'm interested in planetary geophysics of terrestrial planets and moons. I'm originally from Cortlandt Manor, NY, and I did my undergrad at MIT, where I got heavily involved in student theater - a hobby I hope to continue through grad school, time permitting... I also like to read sci-fi/fantasy novels, obsess about English history, and play frisbee.
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