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I <3 Björkudden

I’ve had a fairly good weekend so far. Jon rented a Flexcar yesterday morning and we went to IKEA to buy him some more furnture. Now there’s a nice little table in the kitchen named Björkudden. Silly IKEA. But it … Continue reading

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Cool, my homework works!

At least this part of it does.  This is a graph I made of the flux seen from the Earth of a young star with a disk around it.  Compared to the star by itself (the blue line), you get … Continue reading

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Sick… =(

Man, these colds really sneak up on you =( *sniffle* I’m gross.

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I guess I can say with confidence now that Tuesdays are the worst night of the week. I have problem sets for 2 classes regularly due Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m trying to get them both done (currently the Thursday … Continue reading

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Latin 101

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’ve been auditing a beginning Latin class for the past three weeks, and I think I’ll keep it up for a while longer. It’s kind of fun, and — to the extent … Continue reading

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And also…

…a trip to the farmer’s market – man, they grow everything here! Yay for cheap, local, environmentally-friendly vegetables!

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The Week in Pictures

Well a couple of pictures, anyway. Here’s what happened this week that was unrelated to school and work: First, my bike! I’m getting better! Next, the cookies I baked for social hour. Yeah, they took a lot of time, but … Continue reading

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I bought a bike!

Well, last weekend.  And I already managed to fall off of it…oh well, it’s still exciting. Now I just have to get used to riding it. Pictures forthcoming…haven’t had much time this week. Today’s my day to buy food for … Continue reading

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Re: Is grad school the right choice for me?

I guess that questionable fortune cookie I got the other day is actually on the better end of the new depressing fortunes put out by Wonton Food recently.  Huh.

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Two weeks in

My second week just ended – I can’t believe how fast that went!  And there are only 10 weeks in the quarter.  It’s already a fifth over.  This week was pretty busy, especially around Wednesday night, when I had two … Continue reading

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