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Merry Christmas!

I have so much to read! And many more sweaters…which is for the best, since I overestimated the temperatures in Pasadena (not by that much, but enough…).

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Home for Christmas

Got home last night, after driving up to NY with my sister and her husband.  My stay in Washington was fun – got to see my friends, Shannon and Brian, a couple of museums, Sweeney Todd the movie, and a … Continue reading

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Done! For real this time!

I turned in my last final this morning, and I’m done with the fall quarter! Yay!  I still have research to do over the break, though, especially if we want to get an LPSC abstract in by January 8th…For now … Continue reading

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Back in town, but not for long

I got back from the conference last night and slept a whole lot.  The whole trip was pretty exhausting, between all of the talks and my final exams and meeting people that are good to know in my field.  I … Continue reading

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December in Pasadena

…is very warm. Except it does get cold at night, and in the morning, and when it rains (which is more frequent than I was led to expect! But not as frequent as in Boston). Jon and I took my … Continue reading

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At least done with assignments – I just turned in my last problem set.  I still have three take-home finals to do sometime next week during the conference, so that’s kinda lame, but oh well.  I think I’ll take the … Continue reading

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Well, not quite *all* work..

The weekend wasn’t so bad.  I got a bunch of studying done (still a lot to go, though…), and went out to dinner with family for my grandparents’ birthday (one was yesterday, and one is today). Today was all right … Continue reading

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