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Theater options…

…as they appear to me now: 1. Get involved in Theater Arts at Caltech (TACIT): The name is actually really apt, because so far their existence has only been implied to me by their website. I haven’t heard anything back … Continue reading

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I miss theatre!

Big surprise there. More on this later.

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A Morning of Collisions

It’s been sort of a strange morning…I got to work late(r than usual) because I wanted to run a few errands before it got really hot (almost too late for that anyway). On my way back from exchanging something at … Continue reading

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Jon’s visit + apartment searches + Huntingdon Library

Well it’s Tuesday morning and Jon just left to go back to Boston and finish moving out. It was a good visit, even though nothing definite has really been decided housing-wise. Everything within easy walking distance of campus is really … Continue reading

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Neat picture

This is a cool picture of Long Island and Manhattan, taken from the International Space Station. It’s one of lots of neat photos of cities at night that astronaut Don Petit managed to take during his extended stay on ISS. … Continue reading

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Caltech grad student (TBA)…that’s me!

Hehe I’m in the grant proposal (sort of): “4. Roles and responsibilities of personnel [Dr. Williams] will lead the modeling effort and together with the graduate student, perform the tasks outlined in this proposal. Caltech graduate student – (TBA) will … Continue reading

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Topic narrowing

Well my topic has narrowed somewhat, although it’s still huge, and I’m not sure what the expected timeline is going to be like. I think the idea was to have a fair bit done before MESSENGER flies by Mercury for … Continue reading

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Would you go here?

This building is on the way to pretty much everything except campus, and every time I walk by it I think, “McDental? Um, really?” I think I’ll find another dentist, thanks…

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Slowing down

Today I realized that this project I’m working on is not another 8- or 10-week summer internship. I get to work on it for all of next year (and who knows, maybe for longer than that). So, I don’t need … Continue reading

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Yo ho, yo ho, a turtle’s life for me…

Sometimes I wish all I had to do is worry about absorbing heat from sunlight to live – it’s good to be a turtle =)

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