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Last night we came back to find a huge black widow spider right outside our door!  Eww.  I don’t really know what to do about it.  They’re not supposed to be aggressive, but I don’t know why it chose that … Continue reading

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And point me toward tomorrow

I went to see A Chorus Line last night with Melanie, and now some new songs are stuck in my head.  The girl who played Glinda in Wicked when Jon and I saw it was in this play too, which … Continue reading

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So sore!

After softball practice on Sunday and games both Monday and Tuesday, every muscle I have seems to be sore.  We lost both games, but I didn’t totally suck, so I’m happy enough.  The game on Monday was against a former … Continue reading

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The heatwave has passed.

And none too soon – I was beginning to think the whole summer would be miserable!  Today seems much more reasonable, though, with a high of just 90 (not 105). I got back into town on Tuesday night last week, … Continue reading

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Chilling out at home

I got home Sunday morning after a red-eye flight and stayed up all day to try and get used to the time zone change (which didn’t really work).  It’s been nice to be home and talk to my parents and … Continue reading

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One more test

Just one final to go before I’m done for the year, as far as classes are concerned – yay!  I’m in that state where I’m so tired of studying that I just want to get it over with…but I’m going … Continue reading

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