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Busy week, but in a good way

Last week I had two professors ease up on things and delay the next homework assignment, and so far that’s made this week much more laid back than usual.  Generally by this time in the week I’m struggling to finish … Continue reading

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A little bit of water, and my phone goes into “Car Kit” mode, which means I can’t hear anything that comes out of it because it thinks it’s plugged into a headset or something.  Hopefully it will start working again … Continue reading

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“You have provided no services in return…”

…for my graduate stipend to date, says the 1099 form I just got in the mail.  Hehe, they make it sound like I haven’t done anything all year.  I wonder when they’ll start to consider my research “services.” Anyway, I’m … Continue reading

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Mail troubles

My roommate and I haven’t been receiving mail for about a week, so I finally called the post office to find out what’s up.  Apparently the carrier says that there was a ‘red vacancy slip’ in my mailbox last week, … Continue reading

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Second project in the works

One of my goals for the beginning of the new quarter was to find my second research project before the end of January, and it looks like I’ve got one!  I’ll be looking at data from Cassini (and *maybe* New … Continue reading

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MESSENGER’s First Flyby

NASA’s MESSENGER mission made its first flyby of Mercury last weekend, and everything seems to have gone really well. It’s so cool! We haven’t been there since 1975, and Mariner 10 left more than half the surface unimaged. This flyby … Continue reading

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Holly’s visit!

What a busy weekend! Holly’s flight got in Saturday afternoon, and we went out for sushi and then to a play at the Pasadena Playhouse.  The play was called “Orson’s Shadow,” and it was about Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier, … Continue reading

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Ooh wildlife!

There’s a possum living under my bathroom.  I saw it last night when I was coming back from getting groceries.  I thought it was a lawn sculpture or something at first, but then it turned around and disappeared down a … Continue reading

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Extra class time

Why do so many of my classes think it’s ok to just add in extra time for more lectures because we’re “behind” or the professor can’t organize the material? Ugh. It’s really not ok.

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First day of class…

…was yesterday, and it was fine. We’ll see how the rest of my classes are today. I’m a little miffed that my continuum mechanics class is asking for extra classtime to catch up on lectures. I already have too much … Continue reading

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