March already!

A lot of my plans have changed since the last post.  I’m not going to Israel anymore.  I felt too rushed trying to cover everything that I need to take care of for the rest of the quarter, for the play, and for wedding plans.  I’m disappointed, but I think it was a better decision for me right now.  Instead, I’m going home for about a week over spring break to do some serious wedding venue visiting and date choosing.

Auditions for Galileo are this weekend coming up, and it’s both exciting and scary.  There are 34 people signed up to audition, and more than 50 possible roles in the play, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I think the director thinks I’m crazy for wanting to be so organized, but I think he’s crazy for thinking we could get along without it.  I’m a little worried with how he’ll do in terms of getting started and ended rehearsals on time, but I’ll work on it.  I’m encouraged by the fact that so many people are auditioning (and there are several others interested in tech), despite the pessimistic preditions of all the undergrads I talked to.  Caltech may be small, but it’s not so small that it can’t support one theater group.  So things are crazy/good.

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I think planets are cool! I'm a new graduate student in Planetary Science at Caltech, and at the moment I'm interested in planetary geophysics of terrestrial planets and moons. I'm originally from Cortlandt Manor, NY, and I did my undergrad at MIT, where I got heavily involved in student theater - a hobby I hope to continue through grad school, time permitting... I also like to read sci-fi/fantasy novels, obsess about English history, and play frisbee.
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