I’ve finally started thinking about new tile projects recently, and I’m excited!  It’s so nice to care about something that’s subjective but still requires a lot of patience and thought.  I ordered more tiles from the interwebs and found out that Michael’s is having a glass candleholder sale (!) so now I have enough glassware for a LOT of Christmas presents…be forewarned.

In other news, Jon and I borrowed Sonja’s car to drive to Long Beach last night and watch a free Shakespeare show in a park.  Getting there was all right (I had a minor meltdown when I had to parallel park on a hill with the clutch), and the show was pretty good (A&C), and non-equity, which is unusual around here I think.  Some guy, though, was really rude during the end of it – probably the rudest theater-goer I’ve ever encountered.  He answered his cell phone during the end (you know, when Antony dies and Cleopatra goes looking for an asp..an important part..) and talked loudly on it for a few minutes.  People tried to tell him to be quiet, and his only response was “‘Scuse you!  No, ‘scuse you!  I think you’re being rude.  Go take a pill.”  I was kind of amazed (obviously, since this description got to be so long).  How do people like that happen?

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I think planets are cool! I'm a new graduate student in Planetary Science at Caltech, and at the moment I'm interested in planetary geophysics of terrestrial planets and moons. I'm originally from Cortlandt Manor, NY, and I did my undergrad at MIT, where I got heavily involved in student theater - a hobby I hope to continue through grad school, time permitting... I also like to read sci-fi/fantasy novels, obsess about English history, and play frisbee.
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