You bet your Aspercreme!

I think I pulled both of my quads at the game yesterday =(.  I sat out the rest of it after the first inning, and I’ve been icing them all night and morning off and on.  I hope it doesn’t take more than a week or so to get better.  I guess not sprinting for like 3 years takes a toll on you…if you’re me, at least.  I bought some storebrand IcyHot stuff, which seems to be helping, even though it’s kind of strange-feeling and smells really strongly like Altoids.  I don’t think I’ll be batting in the game tonight (which is my favorite part..), and I might not be able to field either, although something like pitching or catching I might be able to do.  I feel pretty lame about it, but oh well.

I can’t believe that Aspercreme got sued over that slogan…although really, I kind of can believe it..

This article showed up in Nature last week – how cool is that =)

Correction:  It doesn’t smell like altoids – it smells like those pink wintergreen mints my dad likes so much.  No wonder it was so familiar.

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